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How to Obtain a Business License or Occupy a Building


If you are planning to open a business within the Town of Cowpens corporate limits you must:

  1. Contact Town Hall at 864-463-3201 to speak with the Town Clerk regarding new business licensing and fire inspection in addition to all Spartanburg County requirements. 

Town of Cowpens Business Application


If you are planning to open a business or occupy a building within the County of Spartanburg, you should:

  1. Contact the Building Codes Department at 864-596-2727 to set up a pre-meeting to insure the following:
  2. The requirements of The Unified Land Use Regulations can be complied with to include:
    1. Parking
    2. Buffer Yard Requirements
    3. Signage
  3. The requirements of the Building Codes can be complied with to include:
    1. Construction Type
    2. Fire Protection Requirements
    3. Barrier Free Design Requirements
    4. Occupancy Requirements By Use

By following the guidelines above before buying or leasing a structure, you will be advised to code requirements that could save you unknown costs.


Spartanburg County Administration Building
366 N Church St.
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-596-2500

Spartanburg County Building Codes Link


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