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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I burn yard debris or trash?


  • In the Town limits all open burning is prohibited.

Town of Cowpens Ordinance 

Sec. 7-12. Burning rubbish, etc. It shall be unlawful to burn leaves, limbs or any rubbish in the open or to burn any material whatsoever so as to create or give off obnoxious smoke or odor within the town. Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

  • Yard Debris may be burned if you live in the Spartanburg County FSA portion of our district, which is outside the town limits. A burn permit must be obtained by calling:


Spartanburg County 1-800-517-9640       Cherokee County 1-800-986-3594

  • In South Carolina it is illegal to burn trash or rubbish. South Carolina DHEC Air Pollution Control Regulations and Standards Regulation 61-62.2


For More Information On What Is Legal To Burn Click Here!

Do you give away smoke detectors?

  • The Fire Department by request will install smoke detectors for residents of our fire district while detectors are available. The smoke detector program is grant funded and at times the department depletes its stock of detectors. We ask residents that are financially able, to purchase their own smoke detectors to allow us to better provide for homes that are financially unable to do so. If you need help installing a purchased detector or checking a current detector please contact us: 864-463-6722.

Can you fill swimming pools?

All municipal water in our district is regulated by Spartanburg Water System. Supplying water is their business model and is how they remain financially viable. We are unable to assist in filling swimming pools at this time as all water taken from the system must be metered for billing with exception to fire response needs.

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