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The primary mission of the Cowpens Fire Department is to provide the Town of Cowpens and surrounding areas with best in class fire protection.  This is achieved through

Suppression Division

The main division within the Cowpens Fire Department is its Suppression Division. The Suppression Division is responsible for fire suppression, emergency medical first response, mitigation of disasters, and rescue activities. Technical Operations is a sub-division that operates under Suppression.


The Command Staff of the Department consists of the Fire Chief, and two Assistant Chiefs who oversee all administrative duties and operations of the department. The Cowpens Fire Department is a department under the control of the Town of Cowpens. The department is overseen by the town administrator and the governing council.


The main responsibility of the Suppression Division is to provide the Town of Cowpens and surrounding areas with “Best in Class” fire protection. Crews also inspect commercial facilities on an annual basis. In addition to emergency work, Suppresion Division members provide a wide range of services to the Cowpens community, including tours of fire stations and apparatus and fire and life safety presentations.


The Operations Division is comprised of 30 volunteers and 15 part-time employees. The Station is staffed seven days a week:

8am-8pm Monday thru Thursday

8am-12am Friday and Saturday

8am- 4pm on Sunday

Response during and after these hours are augmented by dedicated volunteers.

The department operates three engine companies, one rescue company, one water tender, and other specialized units. All companies are supervised by an on duty officer who is responsible for the emergency and day to day activities of the department.

Personnel operate out of a single station located within the Town of Cowpens and respond to approximately 400 calls per year. These call for service include structure fires, vehicle accidents, medical first responses, fire alarms, technical rescues, and hazmat incidents.

Special Resources

  • Cowpens Technical Operations (Trench and Collapse Shoring unit and Swiftwater Rescue Team)
  • Spartanburg County Hazmat Team
  • Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team
  • Spartanburg County EMS Dive Team 

Our Address:                              Business Hours:

144 Battleground Road                     Mon. - Fri.    8am - 8pm

Cowpens, South Carolina 29330       Sat. -  Sun.  8am - 4pm