Technical Operations
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The Cowpens Fire Department Technical Operations exist to improve emergency responses that are outside the scope of typical emergency calls through advanced training, teaching, and emergency responses in the district and adjoining agencies.  Technical Operations are divided into three teams encompassing five disciplines:


Technical Rope/Confined Space

The Technical Rope and Confined Space team operates off Rescue 1. It is equipped with a multitude of rigging equipment to perform tasks within both disciplines. It also houses all confined space ventilation equipment and rigging tripod for vertical lowers.

Swiftwater Rescue

Members of the Swiftwater team operate from Cowpens Rescue 1 and Boat 1. Crews are trained in swiftwater rescue as well as boat/land based search for lost persons. Many times an incident begins with the report of a lost person on the river. Crews are equipped to begin a hasty search of waterways in an attempt to locate subjects lost or in distress.

Trench and Structural Collapse Shoring

Trench and Structural Collapse Shoring Team utilize a special mission tender trailered by Squad 1. This unit is equipped with a cache of Paratech® Shoring Struts, Panels, and other equipment used to mitigate both incident types. This unit was the first of its type across three counties of the upstate and is now one of three in Spartanburg County.


In addition to regular fire department training, all members are required to have the following: 

• Confined Space Entry/Rescue
• Rope Rescue Low Angle/High Angle
• Structural Collapse Shoring
• Trench Rescue
• Swiftwater Rescue II

(Additional training is encouraged and is not limited to these basic courses.)

Continued training includes: 

• Yearly refreshers in all disciplines
• Scheduled weekday and weekend drills.
• Specialized third party course opportunities.


Cowpens Fire Department Technical Operations may be deployed within district or provide mutual aid within Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties when requested. Cowpens Technical Operations are also deployable Statewide through South Carolina Firefighter Mobilization.


Cowpens Technical Operation members have been deployed to a multitude of incidents. Listed are some of the notable deployments in the team’s existence.


  • Chesnee Confined Space Recue (Well) - 2014
  • Chattoga River Recovery - 2012
  • Columbia Flooding - 2015
  • Tyger River Enoree - 2010
  • Pacolet Confined Space Rescue - 2012
  • Converse Railroad Steep Angle Recovery - 2010
  • Pacolet River Search and Recovery, Converse - Multiple
  • Pacolet River Search and Recovery, Mayo -2010
  • Pacolet River Search and Recovery, Pacolet - 2015
  • Lubrizol Confinded Space Standby - Ongoing
  • Omega Chemicals Confined Space Standby - Ongoing
  • Transco Pipeline Confined Space Standby - 2017

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